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Political Blog: Top Three Political Advertisements from 2016 (So Far)
Bernie Sanders addresses a crowd of supporters (Courtesy of

Oh the 2016 Presidential Election, It’s a crazy one that is for sure. Also, along with that craziness comes the political advertisements that come from the Democrats and the Republicans. Here is my list that is below of the political advertisements that I think dominate in 2016 so far.

3)  Ted Cruz for President (“Hillary’s Office Space”)

Can I just say wow?! Ted Cruz will stop at nothing to be the Republican nominee, and if the odds are in his favor, he will compete against Hillary Clinton in the General Election. It just so happens to me, that Cruz wants to win against Clinton for the Presidency. Well, what might tell you that? Well this advertisement does that is for sure! Ted Cruz (I think) perfectly mocks Hillary Clinton in an interesting way by bringing ‘pop culture’ into a ‘hip’ song called “Damn It Feels Good to be a Clinton.” Not only is the advertisement interesting, but so is the song. The ‘rap’ song mocks Clinton by saying that she “always plays her cards right” and Clinton’s even famous words “what difference does it make?” are also in the advertisement. Now, I know for a certain fact that many people will watch this advertisement and cannot help but laugh. However, I think that Cruz is a serious GOP candidate if he were to run against Clinton. Hence why this advertisement earns number three on my list. The Cruz advertisement is very well done and bashes Clinton in a humorous way.

2) “All The Good”

Think that voice sounds familiar? Well that’s because it is! It is none other than Morgan Freeman who has just endorsed Hillary Clinton for President with this advertisement called “All The Good.” Now, this advertisement is meant to show Clinton’s main successes throughout her life as being in public office. I think the advertisement does a great job in explaining that aspect about how Clinton helped register Latino voters and how she even exposed racism in Alabama schools. The list goes on. The reason why “All The Good” receives number two on my list is because Freeman does a great job in explaining Clinton’s successes, especially now during the time of the primaries. You can tell that the advertisement is focusing on states in the south as well. The reason for that being is that southern states are starting to vote starting tomorrow with South Carolina. Coincidence? I think the timing and the endorsement from Freeman are excellent!

1) “Together” 

This fan made advertisement for Bernie Sanders is sure to send chills down your spine. Why? Because it’s great! Now, right when this advertisement aired on Feb. 11, people were captivated. How so? Well I think that “Together” mentions Sanders’s platform well enough to get people to reassure that Sanders is their candidate. That his campaign is about the people and not about big money interests. Overall, “Together” earns number one on my list because of the unity that people have to go through when they are involved in a campaign and how they stick up for the issues that matter to them. But, it just so happens in Sander’s case that this is a political revolution!

Bernie Sanders addresses a crowd of supporters (Courtesy of
Bernie Sanders addresses a crowd of supporters (Courtesy of

All in all, those are my top three political advertisements from 2016 so far. There will be more to follow, that is a given. Why? Well Election 2016 is an election unlike any other!

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