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Political Blog: Primary Election Update


Oh man, the 2016 Presidential Election is heating up. It’s getting pretty intense. Donald Trump is managing to win almost every primary state for the Republican Party as Ted Cruz tries to hold on. The same can be said about the Democrats: Hillary Clinton is also managing to dominate the primaries (considering her ‘super sweep’ on Super Tuesday) and even the kind-hearted Bernie Sanders his just barely holding on as well.  

This leads to what can be expected for the General Election in November. As the primaries are starting to conclude here in a couple of months, as of right now, Clinton and Trump are likely to become their party’s nominees. I will now explain why. This political blog is dedicated to keeping you updated on the primary race, and what is to be expected in the General Election.

Let’s start with the Republican Party. Now, Donald Trump is leading the delegate count of a score of 738 delegates. Trump needs to have 1,237 delegates needed for nomination. Now that seems close right? Well the fact is , that is very true! Cruz is somewhat close behind Trump; Cruz has a delegate count of 463 delegates.

Who is lacking in the delegate count for the Republican Party is John Kasich with a delegate count of 143. It’s very evident that Kasich will drop out of the race soon because Trump and Cruz are getting very heated in their debates. Just the other day, Trump tweeted a picture of his wife, Melania, in beautiful glory compared to Cruz’s wife, Heidi,  who is making a very weird facial expression with the photo caption being “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Now to me, it seems like the Republican Party cannot seem to get a grip of themselves. Candidates bashing one another relentlessly and no progress can seem to made toward the future that America wants.

The Democrats, however, are seeming to provide a different message. But that message is split right down the middle. The message either is sticking up against the establishment or of promoting love and kindness.

The road to the White House continues to get more intense (Courtesy of
The road to the White House continues to get more intense (Courtesy of

Those candidates are Sanders and Clinton. Now as far as the delegate count goes for either of those candidates, Clinton is leading in the delegate count against Sanders. Clinton currently has 1,690 delegates and Sanders has 946. Now this number is including superdelegates, and as of right now, Clinton is very close to achieving the Democratic nomination. How can she do this? Well, by achieving 2,383 delegates.

This leads to the possible outcomes on what can happen next. It’s very likely that Clinton and Trump will become the nominees, and if they are, let’s just say that the General Election will be very interesting. Clinton will ‘supposedly’ beat Trump by 1 point in the General Election. Now, to me that seems very far fetched. How so?

Well considering who Trump is, voting for Clinton is supposed to sky rocket for voter turnout over Trump. Clinton, I think, is very smart, however, she has a lot of baggage like Benghazi, her emails, Whitewater, and even the Bill Clinton scandal of the ‘90s.

All Trump has to do is question her trustworthiness and twist the knife to his advantage points based on those points mentioned above.

But with recent events such as the terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium, anti-gfy bills in Georgia, and even the Black Lives Matter movement are gaining a lot of traction. Hence, leading to my main point.

Anything can happen, and it will be so. We just have to keep voting, waiting, and hoping that the choice America makes will be the right one.

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