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The Downfall of America

The Republican Candidate, Donald Trump throwing up the peace sign. (Photo courtesy of Donald Trump Facebook)

With the election coming up combined with being a first time voter, I had been excited to finally have a say in the future of this country; or at least who is in charge. But as the candidates were announced and the election date grows eerily closer, I’m starting to feel less excitement and more fear for what is in store. Why you may ask? Well, Donald Trump.

When Trump first announced he was running for president, I couldn’t help but laugh. Obviously, it must have been a joke. Trump was a business not a qualified politician, there was no way any educated person could actually take him seriously. But sure enough, it was not a joke. And sure enough, he gained a large following. And sure enough, he became the Republican candidate.

Republican Nominee Donald Trump. (Photo courtesy of Donald Trump Facebook)
Republican Nominee Donald Trump. (Photo courtesy of Donald Trump Facebook)

How did this absurd man gain enough support to do this? The answer is quite simple. He preys on ignorance and in turn makes promises he know he cannot keep. A prime example of this is his grand idea of building a wall. Rather than having a set plan ready to share, he just merely stated that the government of Mexico would pay for it without even consulting Mexico.

His famous quote “make America great again” only stands for making America white again as he is a clear supporter of white supremacy. During a speech he gave, Trump showed his racism by stating that Mexican immigrants are rapists and drug traffickers. The President of the United States should be a person who advocates for all the people of America, not the white people of America.

Furthermore, his performance at the debates only confirms my notion that he has no idea what is actually going on. Rather than providing support, he interrupts and yells to get his point across. Personally, that doesn’t scream professional to me.

With the recent mock election held at Huntley, myself and quite a few people were surprised to find the outcome of the poll to have Trump in the lead.

“I was actually surprised,” said sophomore Madison Casey. “I didn’t know that so many people in our school supported him.”

However, this mock election may not have had students voting as honest as they would for the real thing.

“I thought it was funny because I feel like Trump is like a joke to the school,” said sophomore Jordan Bucannan. “So, I feel like that could have been the reason he won.”

Searching the commons, I failed to find one student in support of Trump.

While our pickings are slim this year, I can’t help but to think that the winner is still obvious. Voting a man into office who degrades woman, stands for white supremacy, and cheats the system can’t actually be possible, but I guess this is ‘Merica.

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