Taylor Swift: “Miss Americana” documentary overview


Courtesy of Netflix

By Rayne Zilch

Taylor Swift is an American singer-songwriter who started her music career at the age of 14. This documentary shows the progressive fame of this artist who had a dream to be known as the “good girl.” 

Lana Wilson was chosen to film this documentary for Taylor because she is one of the best filmmakers. The two other films she directed, “After Tiller” and “The Departure,” were nominated for the Independent Spirit Award for Best Documentary. 

Taylor’s actions are all judged by publicity so she was always being told to stay out of situations that could give her a bad reputation. She did not want a part of the drama, she just focused on writing songs on her personal life and experiences that could reach the feelings of other teenagers in the world. 

Was that all it was? Was she really going to go through her life and career not expressing her opinions because she did not want to be shamed? 

“I was trained to be happy when you get a lot of praise,” Taylor Swift said in the documentary.

She is known as the music industry. Why would she want to do anything to jeopardize that?

Taylor had considered her life a dream until one incident. In 2009, Kanye West, another American artist, dissed her on stage for winning “Best Female Video.” After, she started to get shamed for more of her actions, such as her relationships. 

Because of this, Taylor had become stronger. Not only did she take this as an opportunity to stay true to herself, she made multiple hit songs based on her hard time. She started to put herself out there more and wrote songs that meant more than just heartbreak and love. She expressed her opinions in a way that got people to listen and make a change. This started with the Marsha Blackburn Senate election. Her opinions were strong and she made sure she was heard. 

This documentary shows the life behind the cameras of this young star. It proves that fame and praise is not always the biggest picture. Taylor Swift thought she had initiated a career just for her music, but as it turns out, she was also changing lives.