Princess Switch: Switched Again Movie Review


Courtesy of Vanity Fair

By Emma Meier

This movie is a perfect holiday watch for the whole family, and to make it even better, the lead role is Vanessa Hudgens. The movie was directed by Mike Rohl and written by Robin Bernheim and Megan Metzger. It follows the first movie “The Princess Switch” about Duchess Margaret, Prince Edward, Stacy, and Kevin. In the sequel, the King of Montenaro passes away and now it is up to Duchess Margaret to take the throne and fulfill her father’s place.  

It is shown that Kevin owns his own bakery with side character Olivia in Chicago. As the movie goes on, Margaret and Kevin go through a rough spot and break up. This happens due to Margaret’s new position on the throne. When the coronation occurs is when her double, Stacy, comes in to help. This is when she helps Margaret and Kevin get back together after seeing how distraught Kevin was without her. Stacy has since been ignoring Prince Edward due to her focus on the duties of her being a Princess. 

Later Kevin and Margaret decide to get back together and help Prince Edward, Stacy, and Olivia with the decorations for Christmas. Without either one of them knowing Margaret’s evil look-alike cousin, Lady Fiona Pembroke, comes to the party and tries to ruin it. Fiona does worse when she has her two servants, Reggie and Mindy, steal from the guests at Margaret’s party. Once the party is over, Fiona makes the connection that if she dresses up as Margaret she can get away with taking her place on the throne and steal from the treasury, which would give her all the money she would need for the rest of her life. Her two servants help her to further look like Margaret to try and pull off this elaborate plan. 

More problems arise in Kevin and Margaret’s relationship and there is another wanting to replace Kevin in the relationship, Count Antonio Rossi. He continued to give Kevin thoughts of doubt on if Margret will ever be the perfect match for him and if they will get better. To fix their relationship, Stacy takes her place to do her duties so that Margaret and Kevin can spend time together and figure some things out. This ends up being horrible since Fiona’s two servants take Stacy instead of Margaret. After Fiona figures out that who she was talking to ended up to be Stacy, Margaret comes forward and tells Prince Edward, and they go to rescue Stacy from Reggie and Mindy. 

To make matters worse, Antonio tells Fiona that if she gives him half of the loot from the treasury, he will help her escape from the country. She agrees to the deal with him and the plan was to go through and work out. The plan falls through, and Margret and Stacy call out and expose Fiona and Antonio’s plan, and both Fiona and Antonio get arrested. Margaret finds out that Kevin is on a plane with Olivia since Fiona lied to him saying that she did not want him. They stop Kevin’s plane, and he and Margaret get married right in the middle of the airport. 

The movie concludes with Stacy and Edward showing their love for each other while Stacy promises Edward to show him more attention and give him more time. Margaret is crowned Queen of Montenaro and everyone lives happily ever after. This movie was overall a great and eventful movie that is great for the whole family to sit and watch. It is available to watch on Netflix.