A Very Merry Huntley


Photographed by Parker Amato

By Parker Amato, Staffer

December 5th the Huntley Square hosted the Very Merry Huntley event. Families from all over town gathered in the square for holiday crafts, delicious treats, photo opportunities, tree decorating contests, and much more. To make sure that it was a COVID-19 safe environment people practiced social distancing and wore face coverings. 

The event was enjoyed by so many families and kids of all ages. Alison Servedio, a Huntley High School senior, brought her little brother Joey Servedio, a Marlowe Middle School eighth-grader, and they had a lot to say about the wonderful event.

“With not much to do because of COVID this was a great way to get out of the house and do something for the holidays,” Servideo said.

Joey got to catch up with some of his classmates and it made him so happy to finally have some in-person interaction. 

“I had so much fun walking around and finally getting to see some of my classmates that I haven’t been able to see all year,” Servideo said. 

They both loved the decorations and photo opportunities that were set up in the square. 

“It is really nice that we have such an amazing community that they would put something together like this, everything was decorated so nicely,” Servideo said.

This event really got the community together during this tough time. It was a great way to get people together but still making safety a number one priority. Families and friends enjoyed each other’s company but also maintained social distancing and COVID-19 protocols. With Christmas coming in just a few weeks, it was a perfect way to get everyone in the holiday spirit.