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Huntley math team places second in Hononegah Invite and Fox Valley Conference


“H-U-N-T-L-E-Pi” “H-U-N-T-L-E-Pi”

This chant was shouted by math team coaches Shelly Kish and Laura Jenkins at the Hononegah competition and the Fox Valley Conference. Math team placed second overall at both competitions. Everyone on the team was incredibly excited whenHuntleyHigh Schoolwas called for second place.

“We make a fool of ourselves when we win prizes,” said Jenkins

In the Hononegah competition, the Algebra I team, Geometry team, and Algebra II teams placed second. The Pre-Calculus teams placed third and the calculator team placed fourth. Individually, Julian Castro placed third in Algebra I, Pete Gorski placed third in Algebra II, and Jacob Palecki placed fourth in Pre-Calculus.

In The Fox Valley Conference, the Algebra I team, Geometry team, Algebra II team, and the calculator team placed second. The Pre-Calculus team placed third. Individually, Jake Schaefer placed third in Geometry and Pete Gorski placed first in Algebra II.

Kishand Jenkins restarted math team two years ago. Math team did not place in any team events last year. This year’s successes of placing in every team event have been a welcome change.

They also won in the candy bar competition, which is a round of 20 questions that the whole group participates in answering. They got every question correct, which won them a whole bag of candy bars. However, they were not the only ones who got every question right. Cary Grove, their longtime nemesis, also received a bag of candy bars.

Although math team did very well and received two trophies, the point of the team is to have fun.

“Math team never does it for the points, always the fun,” said Jenkins.

Regionals for math team are on Feb. 25.Kishand Jenkins are not sure how well they will do because they have some tough competition, but they consider themselves “cautiously optimistic”.

“It’s going to be a tough road for us,” said Jenkins.

They hope to have a round of “H-U-N-T-L-E-Pi” chants announcing another victory for the math team at regionals.

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