“Tall Girl” is back, slightly better than before

You think your life is hard? I had to watch this movie


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Sabrina Carpenter reprises her role as Jodi’s older sister, Harper Kreyman, in “Tall Girl 2.”

By Megan Curry

Ava Michelle, star of “Tall Girl,” is back for an all-new movie to add to the mediocre franchise. With many memes and trends starring Michelle in 2019, the first movie received a lot of negative attention and reviews. Many were taken aback that a sequel was announced, and it also did not receive positive feedback as well. When the film officially came out, it did not disappoint anyone for all of the wrong reasons. 

“Tall Girl” had a pretty decent ending to begin with, which is also the beginning of “Tall Girl 2,” where Michelle’s character Jodi and Griffin Gluck’s character Dunkleman end up together by sharing a kiss. The sequel gives a good and quick recap of the first movie’s plot, such as Jodi and Stig’s, played by Luke Eisner, relationship and Jodi’s internal struggle of accepting herself. 

Jodi decides to break out of her shell immediately and sign up for the spring musical, “Bye Bye Birdie,” where we meet her eventual co-star Tommy Torres. In classic coming-of-age movie fashion, Jodi gets the lead along with the new kid Tommy and her enemy from the first movie, Kimmy, gets the understudy. 

We then see Jodi’s first rehearsal as Kim. In another classic trope, she messes everything up and doubts whether or not she should play the lead. We then never see this plotline again until the very end of the movie except for the couple of mentions by Jodi and her family. 

Jodi’s sister Harper announces that she will be moving to Los Angeles to pursue a job in the pageant industry, and Jodi is devastated. As a result, we do not see as many scenes with Harper as fans were hoping for. Throughout the movie, we see Harper coming to terms with the fact that she will not have her sister with her any more. 

After hearing this news, Jodi and Dunkleman go on their two-month anniversary dinner where they get into a fight over Jodi’s inner turmoil and doubts about being in the musical. The two decide to break up right before Stig’s sister, Stella, moves in with Dunkleman and her brother. Jodi and Dunkleman both try to move on, but in another classic trope, decide that they may be better off together. 

Although the main plot is poorly executed and overall an overused trope in many television shows and movies, the subplots are a little more interesting and exciting. Stella and Dunkleman both go on journeys after being broken up with and explore their different talents such as Dunkleman’s photography and Stella’s singing. 

Jodi’s best friend Fareeda decided to start designing sweatshirts and offered to sell them in a local store, where they were put on discount almost immediately. To cheer Fareeda up, Stig decides to do a huge act of kindness and we see their relationship bloom from enemies to more than friends. 

Even Kimmy goes on a self-reflection journey of helping out Jodi through her anxiety attacks and her stage fright opposed to her rough exterior and overall rude personality from the first movie. We also see more than one boy crushing on Jodi through this plot, including Dunkleman, Stig, Tommy, and Schnipper. Again, another classic trope taken to the extreme. 

Overall, “Tall Girl 2” is not worth a full-on movie night or date night. Its messy plotline, somewhat confusing characters and interesting choice of songs is not going to be on anyone’s must watch list this year. However, it is a good complement to the first movie and really highlights Michelle’s singing voice and ballroom dancing skills. If you want a fun movie to watch with friends or family, then maybe you should continue scrolling through Netflix to find a better fit.