‘Tis the season, or is it?

Debate over Christmas decorations continues into the 2022 season


S. Webb

The Raider Way Cafe is already decorated for the holidays, and it is after Thanksgiving.

By Samantha Webb

The infamous whistle tone of Mariah Carey plays throughout the department store, seemingly coming from every corner. The workers have transitioned into their Christmas-themed attire, as has the store. Every corner is ridden with wrapping paper and every aisle has a garland hanging gracefully. Thanksgiving has just ended and the Christmas season is in full swing.

Driving home, outside decorations are lighting up the Huntley suburbs. Blow-up Santas blowing in the light wind, and families wrapped up in jackets handing each other bundles of lights that will surely amp up their electricity bill. The question still resides: When should Christmas decorations be put up?

People have increasingly become more passionate about this seemingly first-world issue.

Discussions sometimes result in serious endings. Now, when looking at the opinions of many, we see that a majority of the public is on board with it after Thanksgiving.

“Christmas decorations don’t belong before Thanksgiving at all,” junior Sam Williams said.

Some families are not Christmas enthusiasts or do not celebrate Christmas. So, others do not have an opinion and would rather just see people enjoy their holiday however they would like. Like all debates, there are people that reside in the middle, rather than compromising with both sides or staying out of the argument all together.

“I don’t care really, whenever you want to put them up,” sophomore Matthew Hardt said.

Logically, Christmas is after Thanksgiving. However, it is known by many that as it gets cold, putting up outside decorations is much less enjoyable. So, it would make a valuable difference for those to hang lights after Halloween, when the weather is still kind to Huntley.

However, inside decorations should stay in storage until Thanksgiving has passed. We need to recognize the holiday before decorating for another. It would be comparable to decorating for Halloween before the 4th of July. Weird right?

“You cannot pre-decorate. You can’t decorate in advance of another holiday,” science teacher Jared Bussone said.

Christmas is an amazing holiday to bring people together. Everyone bonds over gift-giving, baking cookies, and wrapping presents. However, decorating should not start in anticipation of this great holiday. In fact, some would assume that it becomes a bore to decorate so far before Christmas day.

So, just be patient and the day will come.