A second-place victory for the cheer team

Cheerleading state runner up Kendall Rabick helps lead varsity cheer team to second place at state


Courtesy of Kendall Rabick

Rabick poses with the team’s trophy.

By Emma McCoy

Starting sports at a young age, Kendall Rabick began with gymnastics. While it did not last long, it led her in the right direction for her future. While in gymnastics, the coaches suggested trying something different because Kendall was a young unfocused girl. Transitioning sports, Kendall’s mom met one of her current friends’ moms. 

That was the kickstart for Kendall to join cheerleading. She started with cheering for football and later transitioned to HCA (Huntley Cheer Association) competitive cheerleading. Kendall’s mom was unsure about the change and wondered if Kendall could handle it. Time passed and she proved her mom wrong and fell in love with cheerleading. 

“I tried cheer and I fell in love with it. My mom said it was like I was sent to the military and back because I listened and was actually a nice kid,” senior Kendall Rabick said. 

Fast forwarding to high school cheerleading. Kendall loved being a part of cheerleading that she continued throughout high school. Her freshman year began and she made the JV team. At the time, HHS cheer was very competitive and they had three teams. Kendall was one of four cheerleaders to make JV as a freshman that year. 

“It was never racking and we tried our best and learned a lot of new things and we were conference champs that year,” Rabick said. 

Sophomore year being impacted by COVID-19, high school cheer was a little different. Being on varsity was great for her, but they were not able to stunt due to contact tracing. Kendall was a crucial aspect of the routine with all of the tumbling she performed that year. 

For her junior year, Kendall and her team podiumed at state. The team received third place and throughout the season had a successful year. 

“I was yelled at a lot but it helped me to become a better base and better cheerleader. It showed me that if I get pushed that I can grow into a better athlete,” Rabick said. 

Going into senior year is bittersweet but trying to get the most out of it, Football senior night being a highlight of the year.

“It was so exciting and fun being with all of my friends on the field for the last time,” Rabick said. 

Football games were always exciting and a fun time but switching gears to competition season and basketball games was something different. 

Competition season started off really well and the team came off confident and willing to put in work. As the competitions started to go by, the season had been good but not exactly as expected. 

“We got to conference and after, everything started to go crazy. Cheerleaders were getting concussions and getting into car accidents. That affected everything and we had to change our whole routine around,” Rabick said. 

Most of the season had passed and it was time for sectionals. After a week of switching around the routine and making corrections, the cheer team was just hoping for a top-five win to make it to state in Bloomington the following weekend.

“The routine changed from the beginning to the end and we had to take out five people and we were like we don’t even think we are going to state,” Rabick said, “This year was just different and we were like if we get fifth this will be the best day of our lives.”

At sectionals, the routine they put on the floor hit, and everything they planned was a success despite the circumstances. It was shocking for everyone because there were new stunt groups and everything was changed. 

That whole week leading up to state the team did tons of full outs and had fun practices because they wanted to make it less stressful. The week before state was a big one for this team.

“It really took a toll on us [and] I don’t think our team has cried more,” junior Kendall Frankowitch said.

At state, the routine hit the first day and that day Huntley ended up in sixth, they were hoping for better like first or second but as long as they made it to day two that’s all that matters. The night before day two, they all watched the routine from day one so many times. 

“Our coaches sent us so many corrections to fix and then we went into day two more confident. We tried to fix those corrections as best as possible,” junior Madi Guttke said.

Huntley cheer ended up getting second place in the state. This is a new school record for this cheerleading team.

Kendall will be committing to Morehead State for cheerleading this upcoming weekend. 

“At Morehead State this year, all three of their cheer teams went to Florida for nationals and all three of the teams won. I am hoping that when I go I can be a national champion with them and get a ring,” Rabick said. 

“This season really showed how hard work can pay off,” Rabick and Frankowitch said.