Festive treat shamrocks the world

McDonald’s brings back their annual Shamrock Shake for customers to enjoy.


CC BY-SA 2.0

The Shamrock Shake has received mixed reviews from customers.

By Jadyn Sola

Every year from the end of February until the week after St. Patrick’s Day, McDonald’s puts their Shamrock Shake back on the menu. This sweet treat is made up of soft-serve vanilla ice cream, blended with Shamrock Shake syrup and topped with whipped cream. Its taste is very sweet and minty. 

This drink has a lot of mixed reviews. On one hand, there are many people who really like the festive Shamrock Shake and who await its comeback every year. They say the mint flavor goes perfectly with the sweetness of the vanilla ice cream.

“I like Shamrock Shakes because they are very minty, especially after a long day. The whipped cream is just a great top to it,” sophomore Victor Adeoye said. “I like the greenness. I really do recommend it, it is an 8/10.” 

On the other hand, some could not care less about the arrival of the shake. Some say the minty treat is way too sweet or that it just simply does not taste good at all. The shake is also very high in calories, with a medium shake having more calories than the Big Mac. 

“It combines mint with a bunch of sweet things, and it just tastes really bad,” sophomore Elle Assumpcao said. “They’re completely opposite things, and I don’t know who decided to combine mint and whipped cream, but it just does not taste good.” 

If you are looking for a sweet dessert, or if you just like mint-flavored foods and drinks in general, the Shamrock Shake is the perfect treat. It is cold, sweet, and refreshing. Before the Shamrock Shake leaves the McDonald’s menu, try one for yourself.

“Shamrock Shakes are St. Patrick’s Day in a cup,” sophomore Kennedy Ceralde said. “I really like them. They’re so creamy and green and minty, and they leave my breath so fresh.”