What’s on the plate: Episode 6

Join Amanda Le as she talks about cheese!


By Amanda Le

My love of cheese is beyond human comprehension. As a cheese lover, there is nothing quite like indulging in this dairy delicacy. From the tangy, sharp flavors of aged cheddar to the subtle sweetness of goat cheese or the savory goodness of Kraft Mac and Cheese. There is a cheese for every palate and occasion.

For centuries, cheese has been a staple in people’s diets around the world, and it is not difficult to see why. It’s versatile, delicious and satisfying. Whether you enjoy it on its own, melted on a pizza or sandwich or grated over a bowl of pasta, cheese adds a depth of flavor and texture that is nearly impossible to beat.

Cheese has a rich history and cultural significance. From the soft, creamy French cheeses to the thick, Swiss cheese used in my sandwiches, each variety has its own origin story and unique flavor profile. Cheese-making is an art form passed down through generations, and the craftsmanship and expertise that is put into producing an excellent wheel are truly admirable. In the past, cheese was used to preserve dairy.

Cheese is a byproduct of acidifying milk. Milk’s white color comes from casein. Casein and whey are among milk proteins and fats. Acids stiffen and separate cheese from whey proteins.

Many dishes would not be the same without cheese such as Cheez-It, Cheetos, grilled cheese, etc. Often, I wonder what the world would be like without cheese. Cheese plays a significant role in the global economy as it is vital. Imagine eating pizza without the melted mozzarella that makes it delicious and comforting. Many other dishes would suffer without cheese as it also adds depth and flavor.

Despite my love for this delicacy, many people in this world disagree with my statement. Some would rather see the world burn. My world. But their opinions are respectful because everyone is entitled to their own opinions even though we know whose is better.

Disclaimer, I don’t want people coming after me, I was joking. Please do not cancel me but CHEESE FOR THE WIN. I rest my case.

Overall I would cry if it did not exist.