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The Maki Special with the California Roll, and Cucumber Roll. All at Bistro Wasabi (Courtesy of M. Iqbal).

Restaurant Review: Bistro Wasabi

By Mawa Iqbal
January 26, 2015
[H]untley’s arsenal of restaurants is limited when it comes to the diversity of their food. With an abundance of pizza places and bars with grilled items, Huntley's edible ammunition is somewhat lacking. But not to fear my hungry Huntley-sapiens. Bistro Wasabi, which lies on the same strip as Dairy Queen on West Algonquin Road, gives your taste buds a sweet and sour escape from your average pizza night-out. Ever since it opened in 2000, Bistro Wasabi has offered customers with cooked and uncooked Japanese delicacies with a little American twist to it. Their menu offers items ranging from New York Steak to a chef’s special Maki Sushi.
Husband Scott Jensen, wife Susan Jensen, and daughter Kaila Jensen pose for a family photo at Newt Gingrichs presidential rally in LITH (M. Krebs).

Gingrich’s LITH appearance allows local family to meet their hero

By Marek Makowski
March 15, 2012

Scott Jensen has been supporting Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich even before Gingrich wanted to run for office. “In 2008 I wanted...

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