Movie Review: Elf


The month of December brings out classic traditions. For many, the movie Elf is part of that those traditions.

Children friendly, Elf is the perfect December movie for any cozy, stay in night. Will Ferrell as Buddy, the main character, has the whole family giggling with enjoyment. The film is 11 years old and the Christmas comedy is still going strong.

If you think you have seen one Christmas movies and you have seen them all, Elf proves you wrong. Not only does it involve some animation, but a very special appearance by Peter Dinklage, or better known as the ‘angry elf.’

With an overall rating of 7/10, this movie of course already has my vote of five stars. Already, it has been nominated for nine awards, winning two. This well made movie has my vote for another also.

I was fascinated, immediately caught by the welcoming entrance of a talking snowman, as is any child. Although, maybe more kids were drawn to the image of so much candy and sure piled together at breakfast time.

Overall, Elf is a unique, family friendly movie that brings families together and cheers everyone up for Christmas. You can sing along to the traditional Christmas songs and laugh at the absurdity of Will Ferrell.

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Haylie Larson
Haylie Larson is a freshman and a first-year staff member for the Voice and In her free time, Haylie likes to read, write, draw, and listen to Pandora way more than necessary as well as spend time with her family and dogs. She enjoys the outdoors along with animals of any sort, likes to sing (but not in front of an audience), and has a slight addiction to Star Wars. She can be reached at


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