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HHS Travels the World: Tyler DeBlieck

HHS Travels the World: Tyler DeBlieck

Lindsey Leigh

January 23, 2020

Here in Illinois, we do not have the most enjoyable winter weather. Sure the snow is pretty, but most of the time it's the overbearing coldness that takes the cake when it comes to the overall opinion of our winter weather. Many people take winter break as an opportunity to go to a tropical island, or ...

We the Students

We the Students

Madison Barr

February 23, 2018

53 lives. 53 lives have been directly and physically affected by school shootings a month and a half into the new year of 2018. 33 have been injured while 20 lie dead. Communities are shattered, hearts are broken. As per every shooting, we run through the usual schedule led by thoughts and...

Teacher Margie Brand travels around world but stays close to home

Tyler Davis

March 1, 2012

To English teacher Margie Brand, there is nothing more important than family. She has lived all over – Chicago, southern Illinois, Miami, Gainesville, San Francisco, Alaska, but through it all, she knows the importance of family. Six children – Andrew, Michael, Julie, Jim, Kate, and Tom. “That...