Teacher’s We Love – Mr. Lachel

Lachel stands with fellow students (B. Walker)

Huntley High School history department teacher Erik Lachel leaves a huge impact on many of his students, I interviewed him to find out more about this teacher we love.

I decided to teach because …  

“I dropped out of high school and began to work because my [war veteran] father was sick due to Agent Orange. After later finishing school, I decided that I wanted to help kids who were struggling and contemplating dropping out and make a difference,” Lachel said.

The thing I enjoy most about teaching is …

“Corrupting my students,” Lachel said simply stated with a grin.  “I learn from them too, I really enjoy working with my students and watching them grow as people.”

My best teaching experience was …

“One of my students originally got a 19 on the reading section of her ACT, after studying with me for a while, by the time she retook it, she scored a 26,” Lachel said. “But that’s a small success. Most major successes come years later when my previous students email me or inbox me on facebook and tell me how well they’re doing or express how much I helped them. That always feels good,” Lachel said with a smile.

The most daring thing I’ve ever done was …

“My sophomore year in high school, one of my friends and I drove from Chicago to Daytona Beach, FL. When I called and told my mother where I was, she ordered a plane ticket the next day, however, I found a dog and took it home with me and I named it Daytona,” Lachel said. “Also, I helped move a friend to Washington state and decided I wasn’t ready to come home yet so I tried to get a job at a ski resort which unfortunately only hired international citizens. I then hitchhiked from downtown Washington to Steven’s pass mountain [that’s an hour and forty-three minute drive].”

What motivates me to work hard is …

Lachel leads by stating “I don’t want to disappoint my father who passed away due to agent orange, but also I am a natural go-getter I don’t want disappoint myself or those who depend on me, like my family and my students”. 

What makes me laugh the most is …

“Watching the presidential debate,” Lachel said. “[Also], my son Evan, and watching the things he does and says gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside.”

What really makes me angry is …

“EXCUSES! When people create mental crutches [reasons as to why they can’t do something] to exacerbate [explain] their failures,” Lachel said. 

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Bry Walker
Bry Walker is the Sports Editor of The Voice and huntleyvoice.com; this is her second year on staff. Bry is apart of both Huntley's bowling team in the winter and lacrosse team in the fall. She also loves listening to music (especially Chance The Rapper), hanging out with her friends and family, and watching Friends on Netflix.


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