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Movie Review: American Sniper
See American Sniper, in theaters now (Courtesy of

Growing up in America, everybody has a sense of love and pride for their country. Many say that they are patriots, and  they are willing to bleed and die for their country. But for Chris Kyle saying that was never enough.

“American Sniper” is a true story about Chris Kyle’s life and his dedication to America and the Navy SEALs. Directed by legendary actor and director, Clint Eastwood, American Sniper shows the grittiness of war and how difficult home really is.

Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper) has always felt a burning love for his country. He had always stood for what was right and provided an example others could follow.

Born and raised in Texas, Kyle had dreams of being a cowboy. He and his brother, Jeff (Keir O’Donnell) , live a pointless life together, but Chris believes he is destined to do greater things.

Chris finds that opportunity when he sees the attacks on US embassies in Dar es Salaam and Nairobi in 1998. He immediately enlists with the Navy SEALs.

Chris endures and triumphs the gruelingly infamous SEALs training. After graduation, Chris and some friends celebrate at a bar. Chris meets a woman named Taya Renae (Sienna Miller). It is not long before the two are married.

Shortly after their marriage, the 9/11 Attacks send Chris to Iraq as a combat sniper. His first confirmed kill is a young boy who attempts to throw an RPG missile at a patrol of US Marines. Shaken, Chris carries on through the rest of his first tour of duty.

Chris eventually returns home to have his first child, a son named Colton (Max Charles), and is happy and proud father. However, his mind is distracted by his experiences and he becomes distant with his wife and son. He wants to return back to Iraq.

At this point in the film, the transition from war to home feels abrupt. In which case it is, and applies undeeded layers to the narrative. The troubles at home paint a full picture of the effects of war, but complicate a straightforward film synopsis.

Now on his second tour, Chris and his squad of fellow SEALs are tasked with hunting down an al-Qaeda lieutenant named Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

He and his squad track Zarqawi to a restaurant in Sadr City, where they stake out the position from an apartment across the street.

After using an al-Qaeda soldier to confirm Zarqawi’s location, the squad and armed insurgents engage in a massive firefight that spills out into the streets. Zarqawi is successfully killed, and Chris returns home from his second tour.

Chris returns home to see his newborn daughter. However, he has grown even or distraught from his experiences causing him to become very distant from his family, once again.

Unaware of the harm he is doing to his family, Chris awaits his deployment on his third tour.

On his third tour, Chris loses two of his fellow squadmates to an expert insurgent sniper called Mustafa. Chris takes their loses hard, and returns home early from his tour.

At home, Taya begins to question why he has chosen to stay away from his family. Yet again Chris sets out on his fourth tour, only after discussing what happens if he does not return home with his wife.

Already clocking in a 90 minutes, the film rushes through the remainder of itself. The plot is very rushed and begins to fall apart as the film starts to wrap itself up.

Chris, and the remainder of his squad, are tasked with killing of the insurgent sniper called Mustafa. For him and his team, this mission is nothing but revenge.

Assigned to an abandoned building in the heart of Sadr City, Chris successfully kills the sniper but he and his squad are involved in a massive battle in the middle of a sandstorm.

While retreating from the battle, Chris is wounded and returns home permanently. But he is still unable to cope with civilian life, and his family.

Chris seeks help from a Veteran Affairs psychiatrist whom he tells that he is haunted by the soldiers he could not save. Chris takes to the help quickly, and quickly adapts to normal living.

Years later, Chris is lively and playful. Still determined to those in pain, Chris leaves his home to help a struggling veteran Marine.

Unfortunately, Chris never returns home. Through his service to America, Chris is met by a dark end.

See American Sniper, in theaters now (Courtesy of
See American Sniper, in theaters now (Courtesy of



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