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‘The Lazarus Effect’ leads to disappointment

The newly released film, ‘The Lazarus Effect’, is about a group of medical student researchers trying to create a serum to bring back the dead.  Animals like pigs are being used as part of their experiments.  Then when an accident occurs in the lab, the serum is used experientially on a human.

The film stars Olivia Wilde who plays Zoe, and Mark Duplass, who plays Frank, who is Zoe’s fiancé in the movie.  Also, Evan Peters is part of the cast, and he is a recognizable star from the ‘American Horror Story’ television series.

Wilde is known for playing the leading lady who ends up with the hunky leading man. This role is a lot different than her usual roles, and to be honest, she can do better than playing a possessed medical researcher who is dealing with demons from her past.

Duplass is known for the Netflix hit movies, ‘The One and Only’ and ‘Safety Not Guaranteed’.  Duplass has impressive acting skills, but he should also pay closer attention to his choices in leading roles. He has the potential to be an amazing actor, but if he keeps choosing low budget thrillers, he won’t get anywhere in the acting world.

The plot starts off with the team of researchers bringing back a dog from the dead, but once the dog comes back to life they soon realize the experiment is not going as well as they had hoped.

After the shutdown of their department for doing experiments that they were not funded to be doing, the medical researcher and students sneak into the lab one night to mimic the experiment with a new dog so they can sell the serum and profit from the serum success.

Of course something goes wrong with this experiment.  Zoe forgets to take off her engagement ring, and so she is electrocuted and she dies during the experiment.

Frank freaks out and does not know what he is going to do with himself if he cannot be with her.  He starts to consider using Zoe as his first human experiment with the serum.  The other medical students are all opposed to it, but he went ahead with the human experiment and used the serum on her anyway.

Zoe comes back to life as an evil and villainous character, and they cannot do anything to help her. The ending of the movie leads to the most disappointing part of the film.


Witness complete on the experiment called 'The Lazarus Effect', in theaters now (Courtesy of
Witness the experiment called ‘The Lazarus Effect’, in theaters now (Courtesy of
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