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“Madden NFL Mobile” incorporates new features

As Electronic Arts Sports second edition of “Madden NFL Mobile” hits its second month since its release, people not only at Huntley High School, but also all over the US can’t stop playing the game.

“The Madden Mobile franchise” started in 2014, with EA setting up the game like FIFA Ultimate Team.

The game was a big hit in its first year, with more than 2 million people playing the game and also EA making 1.5 million dollars with in-app purchases.

"Madden NFL Mobile" incorporates new features than many gamers will enjoy (Courtesy of
“Madden NFL Mobile” incorporates new features than many gamers will enjoy (Courtesy of

But as the game was gaining a lot of attention during the winter of last year, the game quickly faded away once the NFL season was over.

The first version of “Madden Mobile” remained the same with just a few updates added to it until September, as they released the new game for the 2015-16 season.

The second version of the game was a huge hit with 125,000 downloads on the first day of release.

The game is very similar from last year, but there are a few features in this year’s game that sets it apart from last years.

The biggest feature is being the play maker, in which you can control any of the wide receivers and you are free to do any route you choose to do.

Other minor features are spontaneous challenges, in which players will get random challenges during the game and could earn extra coins, XP, and more.

Another feature is scouting 2.0, where you can scout your opponent even better and read what kind of plays the opponent does better.

But what makes the game really popular ate the leagues, in which you can team up with friends and face other leagues in the world, and earn extra coins while having fun with your friends. Leagues is basically set up like Clash of Clans, and league tournaments are set up like Clan Wars on Clash of Clans.

The game is not only fun to play, but it lets you play with friends and also builds up a little bit of competition between you and your peers.

If EA keeps updating the game and adds more features during the year, the game will not only be fun during the NFL season, but also during the off season.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars


  • Leagues are better handled than last year.
  • New live events added from last year.
  • Harder for the defense to stop the offense which will add more competition.
  • Scouting 2.0 makes the opponent think more on which plays to choose since counters are handled way better.


  • Servers. The servers are too slow and the game easily gets frozen and takes some time to get back into the app.
  • The auction house needs to be fixed as there are a few glitches while buying a player.

Ex: Server not processing your bought player and losing the player due to the glitch.

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