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App of the Month May:

By Raemon Savillo
May 25, 2016

s sophomore Kyle Cauldren was in the hub, he tried to waste time by playing the game, and try to get the highest score possible.

Periscope allows video live streaming to many viewers (Courtesy of

App of the Month for April: ‘Periscope’

By Raemon Savillo
April 18, 2016

hile Sophomore Ben Higgins was in The Hub with his friends doing his schoolwork, he pulls up his phone and starts live streaming him and his friends on...

NBA Live Mobile offers many new features that players enjoy (Courtesy of

App of the Month for March: ‘NBA Live Mobile’ offers enjoyable features

By Raemon Savillo
March 21, 2016

EA Sports is back with a hit game in the App Store, but instead of the sport being football, basketball is the sport that is now dominating the App Store....

Stop provides an endless supply of competition for players (Courtesy of

App of the Month: ‘Stop’ provides challenges to many players

By Raemon Savillo
February 26, 2016

s sophomore Kyle Owens was in his fifth hour english class, he was playing the game "Stop," and was thinking of answers he could put down as he was versing...

Snapchat connects users each and every day (Courtesy of

App of the Month: ‘Snapchat’ dominates The App Store

By Raemon Savillo
January 27, 2016

s sophomore Brock Dickte is in The Hub, he is on an app called "Snapchat." Hence, when Dickte is on it, he takes a funny picture of one of his friends,...

Flappy Bird was once popular on the App Store, however, now only remains a memory (Courtesy of

App of the Month: “Flappy Bird” brings memories back to players

By Raemon Savillo
December 10, 2015

s Sophomore Sophie Wagner was playing "Flappy Bird," she remembered how much fun she had playing the game and how many memories she had playing it with...

Madden NFL Mobile incorporates new features than many gamers will enjoy (Courtesy of

“Madden NFL Mobile” incorporates new features

By Raemon Savillo
November 9, 2015

s Electronic Arts Sports second edition of "Madden NFL Mobile" hits its second month since its release, people not only at Huntley High School, but also...

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