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App of the Month: ‘Stop’ provides challenges to many players

As sophomore Kyle Owens was in his fifth hour english class, he was playing the game “Stop,” and was thinking of answers he could put down as he was versing his opponent.

The game “Stop” has risen to the top of The App Store over the past month, with it rising in popularity among HHS students.

“[The app] “Stop” is a really fun game to play with your friends,” said Owens. “The game lets me challenge my friends and [it’s] a game that you could play forever.”

“Stop” was just made last year, and there are 5 million users playing the game now and more players are being added into competitions every day.

The main objective of the game is to beat your opponent by getting three points, and you do that by beating them in spontaneous challenges.

In the game, you get five different categories to answer from, and then will have to spin a wheel to get one letter and players will have to answers those categories starting with the letter you got.

"Stop" provides an endless supply of competition for players (Courtesy of
“Stop” provides an endless supply of competition for players (Courtesy of

Players will also have to answer the question as quickly as possible, since their opponent can stop the game if they answer their categories early.

Players can either choose to face a random opponent in the game, or choose look for their friends and try to play against them.

With “Stop” being a trivia game, hopefully it won’t have the same lifespan as “Trivia Crack,” since that game was only popular for about two months.

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