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App of the Month for April: ‘Periscope’

While Sophomore Ben Higgins was in The Hub with his friends doing his schoolwork, he pulls up his phone and starts live streaming him and his friends on “Periscope,” showing the people watching his live stream what he is doing with his friends.

“Periscope” has risen in the charts over the past weeks, with students and also celebrities using the app to show what they’re doing live.

“Periscope” was started in 2015 by Twitter, and since December 2015, there are 20 million people using the app.

"Periscope" allows video live streaming to many viewers (Courtesy of
“Periscope” allows video live streaming to many viewers (Courtesy of

“Periscope is great because it lets me show people what I am doing and how much fun I am having,” said sophomore Ben Higgins.

The biggest feature on “Periscope” is being able to live stream what you are doing wherever you are, for example live streaming yourself while you are touring New York City.

Another feature on “Periscope” is watching people live stream what they are doing. People can watch their friends live stream, or even celebrities or sports teams walking into the stadium or warming up which is something you cannot watch on TV.

Also, Twitter is linked up with “Periscope,” so once people start live streaming something, Twitter will automatically put up a tweet for the person saying that they are live streaming.

Overall, with “Periscope” starting to climb up the charts, the app in time might be up with Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook as one of the top social media apps out there.

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