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App of the Month: ‘Snapchat’ dominates The App Store

As sophomore Brock Dickte is in The Hub, he is on an app called “Snapchat.” Hence, when Dickte is on it, he takes a funny picture of one of his friends, and laughter fills the table as the picture he took was very comedic.

“Snapchat” has been rising in the charts on The App Store this month, with new features added to the app.

“Snapchat” was created in 2011, and in over a year, there were more than 20 million people using the app.

Some of the main features of the app are sending direct pictures to people, being able to share a picture with people and put it in your story, and more.

"Snapchat" connects users each and every day (Courtesy of
“Snapchat” connects users each and every day (Courtesy of

“I love ‘Snapchat’ because it lets me connect with friends whenever I want and lets me share photos of where I have been over the past day,” said Dickte.

Some cool features that “Snapchat” has added to their app is live stories, in which people can post pictures to “Snapchat” if they are in a live event. For example, last year “Snapchat” held a live story for Super Bowl 49 and about 40 million people followed the live story.

Another feature is the discover page, in which major publishers post daily updates to what is happening in the world that day. Some publishers include ESPN, Cosmopolitan, People Magazine, National Geographic, Vice, and more.

A new feature that was added to “Snapchat” a few months ago was new lenses for the app, which is when users put the front facing camera on, and you can trigger the lens by simply raising your eyebrows or opening your mouth.

Overall, with “Snapchat” adding new features frequently, it might just not be the number one social media app for this month, but for many months to come. 

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