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‘Gods of Egypt’ fails to capture an intense plot

The newly released movie, “Gods of Egypt” centers around God of Light, Horus, played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, and the mortal Bek, Brenton Thwaites. On the day of Horus’s coronation by his father, God of Light Osiris (Brown), the king’s envious brother Set, (Butler), God of the Desert, shows up and takes control of Egypt. Bek teams with a defeated Horus on a quest through larger than life landscapes to find a way to beat Set and save the woman he loves from death.

The director, Alex Proyas, who last directed “Knowing” in 2009, cited “The Guns of Navarone,” “Lawrence of Arabia,” The Man Who Would Be King,” and “Raiders of the Lost Ark” as inspirations to the creation of “Gods of Egypt.” Although he had a bigger budget, I believe he could have made a very impressive movie, like one we’ve never seen before, but unfortunately he was limited to what he could do so the movie did not turn out, in my opinion, as well as planned.

Witness the battle for eternity with "Gods of Egypt" (Courtesy of
Witness the battle for eternity with “Gods of Egypt” (Courtesy of

If “Gods of Egypt” would have been set against a mythical time and not based on if it actually occurred in reality, it would have been easier to forget the fact that Gods are essentially Iron Man and the Avengers. But because the movie is based in a real life situation, it’s hard not to get frustrated with these characterizations that constantly beg for comparisons with the real thing.

The one upside from the movie was its computer generated images that give “Gods of Egypt” a video game feel. The graphics used reflect today’s depictions of superheroes, which is what the Gods were to the ancient Egyptians. Each God has a theme to their appearance, powers, and equipment. Their fights and transformations are also worthy to behold, and help us to understand why these Gods are deserving of worship.

This is a good movie for anyone who is excited by Egyptian mythology and action movies. Although the plot was hard to follow, the movie had some very intense action scenes which left the audience on the edge of their seats. I would not recommend this movie to anyone under 10, as they do not react well when Set beheaded the Minotaur on the screen, as I experienced when two kids a few rows behind me started crying during this scene.

I, personally, did not enjoy the movie. The plot was average at best and the story line was hard to follow with all of the characters they had. I would rate this movie two out of five stars. 

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