Hand Crafted Pizza Co.: not exactly crafted to perfection


By Mady Borst

I was driving on Algonquin Road when I noticed a new pizza place to my right. I pulled into the parking lot to get a better look, and glanced at what appeared to be a cozy sit-in parlor, with welcoming yellow lights. Being a pizza lover, I was eager to try out Hand Crafted Pizza Co., which is located to the side of Butera Market.


I decided to give the place a try a few days later, after seeing mouth-watering pictures of their pizza online. I came in with high expectations, but I was unfortunately disappointed by my experience.


Before visiting Hand Crafted Pizza Co., I was aware that the company’s interior would be small, but it was much more compact than I expected it to be.


Though I admired the bright, lipstick-red chairs and the modern-looking light bulbs hanging from the ceiling, it was quite warm inside, and the seating could fit no more than 25 people.


There was one other customer eating inside when I arrived, and the overall atmosphere was too dull and quiet for comfort. Country music playing from the speakers was the only sound that kept the place from complete silence, but I think I would have preferred the silence.


The pizza options include a 12-inch cheese pizza without toppings for $5, or a 12-inch, cheese pizza with unlimited toppings for $9. I appreciate how Hand Crafted Pizza Co. presents a wide variety of toppings for a single price, similar to other artisan pizza companies I have eaten at before.


I chose to put regular tomato sauce and mozzarella on my pizza, topped with spinach and black olives on one side, and basil on the other side. After watching the worker place all of the fresh ingredients on top of the crust, I was hoping to dig into a delightful pizza.  


After 10 minutes of waiting for the pizza to cook in the stone fire oven, the worker handed me the pizza in a to-go box, but I took a seat next to the front window to eat.


I took a bite of the pre-sliced pizza, and did not experience the wonderful burst of flavor that I had anticipated. The crust was slightly burnt, and did not have the crunch to it that I had hoped for.


Their pizza was not the worst pizza I have had, but it was not crafted into the irresistible, flavorful pie that I was excited for.


If I decide to give Hand Crafted Pizza Co. a second try, I will take the pizza to-go because I cannot see myself warming up to the parlor’s environment. For now, I will stick to my usual places for a cheesy, satisfying slice of pizza.