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Join Donovan as he talks about recent events in WWE!

Welcome back to Wrestling with DMD, I am back to talk about everything that is new in the wrestling entertainment world, and boy there a lot. Starting with recent negative events in the WWE. From my view, the negatives were that they had to back and release a few of their superstars, some of which were very surprising. The first being Mustafa Ali, a high-flying wrestler who has done a lot in the business and was set up to fight North American Champion Dominik Mysterio at NXT next pay-per-view ‘No Mercy’.

The others that also surprised me were Dolph Ziggler and Shelton Benjamin, two very underrated veteran superstars in WWE that were never really pushed to their full potential, but were still well-known. When they got fired, it was a big shock. There were other people who did get fired, like Elias, Emma, etc., but these three were definitely the biggest. The next negative is the rehiring of Nia Jax, now for people who do not know about Nia Jax, she was very good at getting other people injured. She had injured several wrestlers in the business which caused several inconveniences for the organization so when she got hired, people started wondering why WWE did this. People started looking at resources like YouTube, commenting that this would lead to more injuries for the other women superstars.

I agree with that, but I am not fully going to go against Nia Jax because I want to see if she has gotten better. However, as of now, I do not know. Now, let us talk about the positives. First up, we have the return of The Rock. On Sept. 15, The Rock made a grand return laying the smackdown on a wrestler named Austin Theory. He did great in fashion and it was amazing. This was a pretty good moment and brought a lot of cheers but the only problem with it is that it only lasted one day. Overall it was a pretty cool moment. They also have set up a pretty good match this week with LA Knight, the megastar of WWE, and John Cena, the greatest of all time, as a team to face off against bloodline members, Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa. Now, this seems to be a good match, but is there more going on to this?

Right now I can not fully say. However, with No Mercy happening with a few banger matches, WWE is going in a good direction. Even with the firings, I can not wait to see what WWE does down the road.

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Donovan Doyle, Photographer
Donovan Doyle is a photographer for The Voice, it's his third on the staff. In his free time, he will either play video games or go to the gym to work out. He also likes Star Wars, Marvel, and DC.

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