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“Cinderella” teaches courage and kindness in a magical way

By Kat Gorospe
March 16, 2015
As several little girls shuffled out of the AMC theater in their blue dresses and toy tiaras, it brought back memories of when I dressed the same; the famous Disney tale being my favorite. On March 13, the remake of the 1950 classic Disney film, “Cinderella”, was released. Just like “Maleficent”, Walt Disney Pictures put a realistic twist in the movie, along with dazzling special effects.
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Five Best: Movie Trailers for 2015

By Devin Martin
December 10, 2014
Many movies will journey on the silver screen in 2015, and many of them include sequels that we have dreamed for, while others have never been seen before. Here are the five best movie trailers for 2015.
GALLERY: Huntley High School presents Cinderella

GALLERY: Huntley High School presents Cinderella

By Katie Gallegos
November 20, 2013
Last weekend, Huntley students performed Cinderella in the Performing Arts Center.
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