‘Blade Runner’ still captivates fans

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‘Blade Runner’ still captivates fans

Obtain the Collectors Edition of 'Blade Runner' available now (Courtesy of facebook.com/BRunnerMovie)

Obtain the Collectors Edition of 'Blade Runner' available now (Courtesy of facebook.com/BRunnerMovie)

Obtain the Collectors Edition of 'Blade Runner' available now (Courtesy of facebook.com/BRunnerMovie)

Obtain the Collectors Edition of 'Blade Runner' available now (Courtesy of facebook.com/BRunnerMovie)

Tyler Lopez

It may seem far fetched, but the idea of human-like robots has been a dream for mankind for almost sixty years. But the idea of murderous, uncontrollable and crazy robots is an idea man has not wanted to think about.

Los Angeles. Nov, 2019. Earth has become a cesspool of crime, poverty and disease. Humanity has taken to the stars, and have begun the dauntless task of colonizing faraway planets and galaxies aboard massive colony ships.

Replicants once walked the same streets as humans, worked the same jobs, attended the same bars and even shared affection for each other. But after years of violence, Replicants are outlawed from being on earth.

Special police officers, dubbed “Blade Runners” tracked, and killed, these Replicants. But as the Tyrell Corporation has created more humanlike models, the Nexus-6  Models, it  would take an expert Blade Runner to determine who the Replicants are.

Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) was once one of the top Blade Runners before he left his plast life of killing behind him. However, he is approached by an old friend, Detective Gaff (Edward James Olmos) and is brought to his former supervisor, Bryant (M. Emmet Walsh).

Bryant informs that three Nexus-6 Models have returned to Earth illegally to expand their lives, as they only have a lifespan of four years.

After watching a recording of a fellow Blade Runner administer the “Voight-Kampff” test, used to determine and human and synthetic reaction,Bryant tasks Deckard to track down and kill  four Replicants.

The four Replicants are Roy Batty (Rutger Hauer), Zhora (Joanna Cassidy) Pris (Daryl Hannah and Leon (Brion James). knowing his targets, Deckard reluctantly agrees to his perilous task.

Deckard begins his investigation the Tyrell Corporation to ensure that the Voight-Kampff test would actually work on the Nexus-6 models.

Upon questioning Dr. Eldon Tyrell (Joe Turkel) , it is revealed that his assistant, Rachael (Sean Young) , is an experimental Replicant that believes deeply that she herself is human.

Meanwhile, Roy and Leon investigate a Replicant eye manufacturing laboratory and learn of J.F. Sebastian (William Sanderson)  a gifted designer who lives alone and works closely with the Tyrell Corporation.

After questioning Tyrell, Deckard goes back to his apartment where he meets Rachael. To prove that she is human, she shows Deckard a family photo of he as a child.

Deckard explains that she is an experimental Replicant and that the “memories” she has are  just a part of her programming. Rachael leaves the apartment in tears as Deckard follows to begin his search for the Replicants.

Pris is seen walking in the cold streets of Los Angeles. A police car passes her and she hides near an apartment entrance. She soon meets J.F. Sebastian, whom she manipulates to gain his trust.

Deckard begins his search at Leon’s apartment, where he finds a synthetic snake scale. The scale leads him to a strip club where one of the Replicants, Zhora, works.

Posing as a reporter, Deckard gains accesses to Zhora in private. He reveals that he is a Blade Runner to Zhora.

A chases ensues, but ends with Deckard killing Zhora as she dives through a window for safety. Bryant tells Deckard to kill Rachael, as she has abandoned the Tyrell Corporation.

Deckard spots Rachael in a crowd, but is suddenly attacked by Leon. The two struggle over Deckard’s pistol, which is out of either’s reach.

With Leon gaining the upperhand on Deckard, it seems he will fail his mission. A shot rings out, leaving Leon dead.

Rachael had seen Deckard’s plight, and ran to assist him. With Leon dead, the two leave the scene for Deckard’s apartment.

At his apartment, Deckard tells Rachael that he was told to kill her. However, he promises not to do so. The two embrace as Rachael realizes she loves Deckard.

At Sebastian’s apartment, Roy tells Pris that Zhora and Leon were killed by a Blade Runner. Feeling sympathetic towards their cause, Sebastian reveals that he has “Methuselah Syndrome” a disorder that will cut his life drastically short.

Later that night, Roy and Sebastian infiltrate the Tyrell Corporation and confront Tyrell. Roy ask him to expand his and Pris’s lifespan, stating the two have done “questionable things” in their past.

Dismissing his admission, Tyrell praises his advanced designs and accomplishments. Angered, but understanding of his praise, Roy kisses Tyrell and proceeds to kill him. Sebastian and Roy flee the building and head to Sebastian’s apartment once more.

Deckard arrives at Sebastian’s apartment, and is ambushed by Pris. The two lock in conflict, but Deckard manages to kill her just as Sebastian and Roy enter the apartment.

Roy begins to chase Deckard through the complex and out matches in him in combat. Fleeing to the rough, Deckard attempts to jump from building to another.

He misses, and is left hanging. As his grip loosens, Roy hoists Deckard unto the rough. Roy delivers a monologue about how his time is running out and how all of his memories will be gone.

Roy slowly dies in front of Deckard and Gaff, to which Gaff says “It’s too bad she won’t live, but then again, who does?” Referring to Deckard’s love for Rachael.

The film comes to a conclusion with Deckard and Rachael leaving Los Angeles to an unknown and uncertain future.

Obtain the Collectors Edition of 'Blade Runner' available now (Courtesy of facebook.com/BRunnerMovie)

Obtain the Collector’s Edition of ‘Blade Runner’ available now (Courtesy of facebook.com/BRunnerMovie).

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