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Movie Review: Top Five
Many still images of the new movie Top Five, in theaters now (Courtesy of

Some movies bring you joy, some movies scare you, while others make you laugh. Top Five is a romantic comedy starring Chris Rock who also wrote and directed this movie. Rock plays Andre Allen a recovering alcoholic who was once an extremely successful comedian and is now trying to play a serious role in his new movie “Uprize”.

Rock’s movie “Uprize” was a flop and everyone wanted him to do more comedy. He reveals to a New York Times Critic, Chelsea Brown, that he is afraid that he cannot be funny unless he is drunk or high. To save his career he is marrying  a successful reality TV star, Erica Long, for all the wrong reasons.

Throughout the movie Chelsea, the movie critic, follows Rock around New York as he attempts to promote his movie, “Uprize”. She sees him pick up his wedding rings, go to a radio promotion, visit family and friends and go to his televised bachelor party. Each one of these stops brought a new theme. From a viewers perspective all the themes brought confusion. Some of these themes include how black people deal with success, how rich people deal with drugs, alcohol, and sex. Plus how everyone deals with love and romance.

In the end the real message to the audience is that everyone has problems, and how everyone needs someone to care about to make life worth living. Chris Rock plays a down to earth kinda guy, who continuously asks people what their top five anything is. From rappers, athletes, movies, to  comedians. Even though Rock is a celebrity he shows that he is easy to talk to and is just like everyone else.

From a high school student standpoint I view Rock as a stand up comedian and wanted more jokes and humor and less serious topics. I give this movie a 3 out of 5. This movie is rated R because of strong language and explicit sexual scenes definitely not the right movie to see with your parents.


Many still images of the new movie Top Five, in theaters now (Courtesy of
Many still images of the new movie Top Five, in theaters now (Courtesy of
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