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Movie Review: Taken 3
Taken 3 now in theaters (Courtesy of

Taken 3 is an action packed  movie that I think I already saw three times. Simply put,  I believe Taken 3 was a repeat of the other two Taken Movies.

In the first movie of the trilogy, the main character Brian Mills is played by Liam Neeson. Mills daughter is kidnapped by an Albanian gang of human traffickers. Mills goes to Paris to rescue his daughter and promises to find and kill whoever took his daughter. Taken had received positive reviews and some say one of the best action films of the year. This was a great start to what could have been even better series.

In Taken 2, Brain Mills and his ex-wife and daughter spend a mini vacation in Istanbul, where he encounters the same Albanian gang from the first movie. The leader of the gang wanted revenge for the death of his son killed by Brian Mills. This leads to the Mills family literally being taken.  However the daughter Kim escapes with her father’s help and is there only hope for freedom. Once again, Mills promises to kill the Albanian leader. Mills uses his combat skills to save his wife and himself from the Albanian gang.

In Taken 3, the plot had to be changed because there is no possible way Kim could be taken a third time. In this movie Mills is framed for the murder of his ex Wife. Mills once again does what he does best and escaped the police while trying to figure out what really occurred that night. From the audiences perspective it seemed that a Russian gang killed his wife. However later in the movie we found out from Mills himself that the real killer was the Stepfather. The plot was so confusing that they actually had the actors explain it for us. While there was a lot of action many of the scenes seemed unrealistic. I thought to myself Mills had died in a explosive car crash, however later in a flashback Mills explains to the audience how he was able to survive the crash. Once again I believe this is the third time, Mills promises to find and kill the Russian gang Leader and avenge his ex wife’s death.

Taken 3 now in theaters (Courtesy of
Taken 3 now in theaters (Courtesy of

Just when you thought the movie could not  repeat any more the stepfather decides to take the daughter once again.  Mills combat skills kick in and he stops the stepfather and brings his daughter to safety. Mills knows that the Stepfather is a billionaire and will not be in jail for long. You will never believe what he says next, Mills keeps the death threats coming. Although Mills destroyed the city and killed about 30 people he is let free with no charges, one thing I can take out of this movie is Mills always keeps his promises. A Character that can truly be relied on, even in the most horrific of times.

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