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‘The Jungle Book’ provides a fresh remake on the classic Disney film
“The Jungle Book” revamps a previous Disney classic (Courtesy of

Disney’s “The Jungle Book” is a new and remade movie from the first “Jungle Book” from 1976. “The Jungle Book” is about a boy named Mowgli who was raised by wolves since birth. Mowgli is forced out of the jungle because a tiger named Shere Khan is trying to kill him. This year has been the driest of years and Peace Rock was exposed.

Peace Rock is a rock formation around a small steam when these rocks are showing that means there is all peace in the jungle. No one can hunt anyone all the animals go to the stream and get water to survive. At the gathering Sher Khan threatens to kill Mowgli and says he needs to leave the jungle.

Shere Khan will do anything to get his teeth into Mowgli. “The Jungle Book” is a movie about how a young boy travels across the jungle to get to safety in a village. Along the journey Mowgli meets animals and becomes friends with a bear. They travel together and almost live together. But, as Mowgli continues his journey he hears that Shere Khan killed his Alpha Pack leader and is furious.

"The Jungle Book" revamps a previous Disney classic (Courtesy of
“The Jungle Book” revamps a previous Disney classic (Courtesy of

Mowgli knows there’s only one way to Stop Shere Khan and that is with the red flower. The red flower burns everything in its path and burned Shere Khan in the past. Mowgli fights Shere Khan and uses his human tricks to kill him. Shere Khan is gone forever and there’s a different feeling to the jungle.

The elephants move trees in front of the stream so that Peace Rock will always show and the jungle will be a happy safe place again. Mowgli is accepted in the jungle again and now leads his wolf pack. Mowgli brought the jungle together and he brought everyone who was watching together.

I felt like there was a lot more meaning to the movie than it seems. A child in the jungle is like an outcast in a group of people. This young boy had to overcome the odds and prove that he was just like the others but just looked different. I thought “The Jungle Book” brought a lot of meaning and taught a good lesson.

“I liked the movie I thought it was a little weird that there was animals talking but I actually cried so It was worth my money,” said senior Luc Sibert.

I would give this movie 4 out of 5 stars, “The Jungle Book” had a lot of good actors and scenes and was a great watch. I would recommend it for everyone.

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