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Nick’s Pizza and Pub holds benefit fundraiser for deceased Huntley graduate

Nick’s Pizza and Pub held a benefit fundraiser for deceased Huntley graduate Jennifer Kearns (K. Garcia).
Nick's Pizza and Pub held a benefit fundraiser for deceased Huntley graduate Jennifer Kearns (K. Garcia).

On Thursday, March 22, Nick’s Pizza and Pub hosted the benefit fundraiser for the family of Jennifer Kearns. The benefit lasted from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. Jennifer Kearns lost her life in a tragic car accident on February 22.

A graduate of Huntley High School, Kearns went on to study at Illinois State and Northern Illinois University.

The restaurant was buzzing with people, and as dinnertime rolled around, Nick’s was practically overflowing with customers, friends, and family coming for the fundraiser. 100 percent of the evening’s profit went to the Kearns family in help of her remaining tuition and rent expenses.

The turnout was immense, filled with people who came in support of the family, with tons of enthusiasm from customers and workers. The employees at the restaurant also participated, and since their work was voluntary, all tips went to the fundraiser.

Giving back and helping out families who need support is something the restaurant has been doing for years.

The fundraiser was huge event, with all proceeds going to the family. Nick’s also does other benefits, sometimes for fifteen percent net profit going back to families.

“Anything we can do as a business to support the family and everything she [Jennifer] believed in is what we did tonight,” said Nick Sarillo, owner of Nick’s Pizza.

Jennifer was also a beloved employee and model co-worker. She worked with her two best friends, one of which was Ashley Moreano, whom at the fundraiser told us the trio “had hectic but fun times in the kitchen together.

She was girl “who was able to do the job effortlessly, like a model for everyone else,” said James Corsiglia, manager at Nick’s.

Kearns was one who was described as “smart, bubbly, and outgoing,” and Nick’s Pizza and Pub proudly sponsored her and her family in an event that brought together friends, family, and other magnificent supporters.

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