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Dylan Palczynski

Dylan Palczynski, Staff Writer

Dylan Palczynski is a staff writer for the Voice, and this is his first year here on the team. In his free time, Dylan collects and photographs figures. He also loves hanging out with friends and playing video games. He can just go on about anything related to Transformers and Star Wars all day long.

Myers-Briggs personality test: ENTJ-T

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The return of vengeance, the night, and the Batman

The return of vengeance, the night, and the Batman

The shadows descend as Gotham’s caped crusader returns
By Dylan Palczynski
March 8, 2022

The night brought nothing but a downpour of rain over the hopeless streets. The city never stopped crying as crime’s siege over Gotham created hell on...

Math teacher Rebecca Godez solving an equation on the whiteboard

You matter because she says so

Rebbeca Godez starts off 2022 as HHS’s newest and happiest math teacher.
By Dylan Palczynski
January 19, 2022

Recently, teachers and students across Huntley High School have identified a shooting star traveling across the school. Starting from the upper West Wing...

Provided by D. Palzynski

Tampons in the boys bathroom

By Dylan Palczynski
November 2, 2021

Since Jan. 1 2021, a state mandate was released leaving schools waiting for a shipment of supplies and dispensers that would work with just the wave of...

Varsity players huddled before their match.

Varsity girls volleyball falls to Crystal Lake South

By Dylan Palczynski
October 24, 2021

The girls volleyball season reaches its midpoint and ends with a roaring conclusion to the conference. On Thursday, Oct. 21, the varsity girls volleyball...

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