The Voice

The Voice

The Voice

Senior Tyler Hennesey does not like fighting, he only fights with purpose (H. Sturckey).

Fighting with purpose

By Joe Cristo
March 3, 2012

Tyler Hennesy wants to make one thing clear: he doesn't like fighting. Yes, he boxes, and, to a certain extent, enjoys it. And yes, he has been...

Senior Nick Fangman remains persistent in his love for percussion (H. Sturckey).

Keeping the beat

By Katherine Enciso
March 3, 2012

The light chiming of a marimba trickled into the dead quiet of thePerformingArtsCenteron Jan. 29 as senior Nick Fangman revealed his own original percussion...

Junior Sergio Quintana puts in his headphones,closes his eyes, and relaxes whenever he has a hard day (M. Krebs).

Sergio’s Story

By Marek Makowski
March 3, 2012

Sergio Quintana takes a splotch of Axe gel and rubs it between his fingers. He then runs it through his hair, sculpting it up like a pyramid. He...

Sophomore Katie Zornow chats with staff sergeant Nancy Alonso-Lorenzo through the Hugs for Soliders program (H. Baldacci).

Letters to a solider

By Holly Baldacci
March 2, 2012

Sophomore Katie Zornow returns home after a long day at school. She sighs and places her heavy, homework-filled backpack on the floor. Her back is...

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