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Foreman had a tough childhood; however, he broke free from poverty through boxing.

Always stay humble

The new movie “Big George Foreman” reminds watchers to stay humble when becoming successful
By Brendan Busky
April 30, 2023

When growing up and a person gets things like fame and money, it is easy to be greedy with it. If that person continues to be greedy that is the type of...

Courtesy of Avery Robertson

Upperclassmen helping and/or encouraging disrespect

By Avery Robertson
October 27, 2021

As many unfamiliar students enter the building, they walk the halls of the seniors who have had role models to grow and look up too.  Many people blame...

Senior Tyler Hennesey does not like fighting, he only fights with purpose (H. Sturckey).

Fighting with purpose

By Joe Cristo
March 3, 2012

Tyler Hennesy wants to make one thing clear: he doesn't like fighting. Yes, he boxes, and, to a certain extent, enjoys it. And yes, he has been...

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