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Should Huntley High School cancel finals?

Should Huntley High School cancel finals?

Natalie VonderHeide

April 12, 2020

As Huntley’s 2019-2020 school year comes to an end, the most stressful time of the year approaches, but with some social distancing put into place. Traditionally, finals occur on the last three days of both semesters and create a multitude of stress among students. With the recent COVID-19 outbreak, students ...

Feeling the Music: Sophomore Mollie Paeth Expresses Her Talent

Feeling the Music: Sophomore Mollie Paeth Expresses Her Talent

Jordyn Grist

February 4, 2019

The HHS Orchestra only consists of a small group of 20 to 30 students. Among these students is sophomore Mollie Paeth, who’s played violin since five years ago, in fifth grade. She’s been taking lessons every Saturday since then to keep up with her practice; each week, she brings her violin ho...

For the love of sailing

For the love of sailing

Tamara Funke

April 14, 2012

On Saturday, July 21, when most Huntley High Students are on vacation, playing sports, or hanging out with friends, sophomore Arion Yedinak will be ready for his biggest race of the year, the Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac Island. On that weekend, Yedinak will spend anywhere from 50 to 60 hours on a sailboat, as he races almost 400 other bo...

Huntley boys tennis defeats Woodstock North

Huntley boys tennis defeats Woodstock North

Kayla Garcia

April 11, 2012

Temperatures of 40 degrees and brutal winds are a difficult obstacle to overcome for most sports, especially in tennis, where the player must be sure where the ball will land while taking the wind into consideration. This was exactly what the boys’ tennis team had to do yesterday. The boys were scheduled to play Woodstock North High School, a team in their Fox Valley Conference,...

Scraping the scarred surface of life

Ashley Secreto

March 3, 2012

Jan. 20, 2011. Aubrie Purtell looks down at her bare feet against the cream carpet in her room. First, she looks at her left foot, and then she looks at her right foot. She walks to her dresser and pulls out a pair of thick black tights. If she wants to wear flats to her 16th birthday celebration, then ...

Letters to a solider

Sophomore Katie Zornow chats with staff sergeant Nancy Alonso-Lorenzo through the Hugs for Soliders program (H. Baldacci).

Holly Baldacci

March 2, 2012

Sophomore Katie Zornow returns home after a long day at school. She sighs and places her heavy, homework-filled backpack on the floor. Her back is sore, her legs cramped from soccer practice. Suddenly, her laptop pings in the corner, and Zornow’s face lights up. It’s time for her scheduled F...

CYT performs Aladdin in HHS’s Performing Arts Center

February 21, 2012

CYT's Aladdin is now showing at the theatre near you - at Huntley's very own PAC. The show made its debut last weekend starring Huntley formers, Sean and Jon Tlapek, as Aladdin and a Huntley sophomore, Sophie Murk, as Jasmine. The show followed the same storyline as the classic Disney Aladin, but had its own unique additions. "The...

GALLERY: Freshman vs Sophomore Powderpuff Game

GALLERY: Freshman vs Sophomore Powderpuff Game

Hannah Sturtecky

September 26, 2011

Click Here to go to the game story  Instructions: Click on a photo to make a larger Photos by Hannah Sturtecky, Photo Editor