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Mr. HHS contestants, senior Harry Hochwarter, senior Liam Elke, senior Derick Gellangarin, junior Brennan Sorkin, senior Damen Velez, and junior Devin Martin wait eagerly, anticipating the announcement of the winner (J. Clavero).

Annual Mr. HHS pageant continues anticipated HHS tradition with another successful show

By Jess Clavero
April 30, 2015
The surrounding lights dim and the Performing Arts Center drops to a dead silence. Excitement and anticipation fills each member of the audience, especially those who attend the event annually and already know of its highly entertaining content.
All of Huntleys state competition competitors pose together on the state stage (Courtesy of Jestoni Losbanes).

FBLA leaves state competition with four national qualifiers and state board representative

By Jess Clavero
March 31, 2015
The room rumbles with the crowd of students and advisers dressed in formal suits, pant suits, and skirts bursting into applause. As senior Jestoni Losbanes walks onto the stage in Springfield, IL, he can not help but walk on stage with pride.
Sophomore Cali Carbello focuses on her performance at the recital in preparation for the Solo-Ensemble contest (J.Clavero).

Choir students put on recital in preparation for statewide Solo-Ensemble contest

By Jess Clavero
February 27, 2015
The accompanist lets her fragile fingers dance across the black and white strips on the grand piano centered on stage.
20 People, One Question - What is your biggest fear?

20 People, One Question – What is your biggest fear?

By Jess Clavero
February 26, 2015

Design editor Jess Clavero asks 20 students what their greatest fears in life are.

The cast from the One Act Plays do a final bow together at curtain call (J.Clavero).

Student-directed One Acts kick off opening night on a good note

By Jess Clavero
February 2, 2015

ll actress Hailee Brown could hear was her heartbeat in her ears. The speeding pulse traveled throughout her body. Her chest felt tight and her head felt...

20 People, One Question (Where is your happy place?)

20 People, One Question (Where is your happy place?)

By Jess Clavero
January 27, 2015