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Patrick Wilson, the actor who plays Brian Harper, answers questions at a press conference.

Disaster film “Moonfall” lives up to its genre

New science fiction film explores the outcome of the moon falling out of orbit
By Fiona Brady
February 5, 2022

An eerie, low-pitched buzzing sound fills the speakers as a tilted view of Earth from thousands of miles into space takes place on the screen. The camera...

Courtesy of MCT Campus

“Transcendence” fails to rise above a clunky plot

By Holly Baldacci
April 19, 2014
To me, the most successful sci-fi focuses on concepts just out of our reach and plays them off as plausible. “Transcendence” starts out with this promise, but as the minutes tick by, the plot only grows more ridiculous, and the concepts become almost magical as opposed to scientific and technological.
Allegiant leaves readers reeling

“Allegiant” leaves readers reeling

By Holly Baldacci
November 26, 2013
Roth's futuristic adventure comes to an end.
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