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Humans of Huntley | Bradley Walz

Walz all dressed up for homecoming. (Photo courtesy of B. Walz.)

Emily Kindl

April 24, 2018

his is junior Bradley Walz. His friends know him as a someone to look up to: very generous, putting others before himself, really smart, and exceptionally funny. Although he believes his friends give him more credit for his smarts and his humor than he thinks they should, he can wholeheartedly ag...

Humans of Huntley | Colin Stevenson

Stevenson having a priest listen to music he likes. (Photo courtesy of C. Stevenson.)

Emily Kindl

March 19, 2018

his is sophomore Colin Stevenson. To many of the people he encounters, they see a creative and talkative guy. He makes music. He loves it so much, and it’s quite a comfort to him especially when he wants to disconnect. Stevenson is in several bands; he owns a keyboard and a drumset, and can program mu...

Humans of Huntley | Kasia Zajac

(E. Kindl)

Emily Kindl

February 22, 2018

This is senior Kasia Zajac. She is an introverted (but kind) girl to the common eye. She processes many things internally and claims she is quite an emotional person. She can cry at anything, feels the emotional pain others feel when she sees it occurring, and cares about others more than herself. ...

The Prairie Ridge Wolves Manage a Win Against the Red Raiders

(E. Kindl)

Emily Kindl

January 24, 2018

n Jan. 23 at 7 p.m., Huntley’s varsity boys basketball team faced the Prairie Ridge Wolves in the East Gym. From the start, the energy coming from both sets of bleachers maintained a tangibility. The support from Huntley and Prairie Ridge was well balanced, and almost promised for a close and tough gam...

Humans of Huntley | Brad Walker

(E. Kindl)

Emily Kindl

January 23, 2018

This is freshman Brad Walker. While many upperclassmen may view freshmen as quiet and timid, several assert that Walker is a loud and confident person while he also likes keeping to himself. People also love his humor. He loves making people laugh, and it brightens his day when he is able to brigh...

A letter to the readers… | Cindy Jimenez

(Photo credit: Hayley Orellana.)

Emily Kindl

December 15, 2017

’m the type of person that gives people advice but is never for following their own advice. I know a lot of people are like that, but for me it’s different; I just don’t take advice in general. I would’ve loved to plan for my future and maybe things wouldn’t have ended the way they are now. ...

Humans of Huntley | Madison Overly

(Photo courtesy of M. Overly.)

Emily Kindl

December 9, 2017

This is junior Madison Overly. She was born in Washington State. She also made a life in Arizona, in Michigan for four years up until first grade, and finally, in Huntley, Illinois. Her entire being as a vivacious soul and an avid jokester was not spoiled by her several moves in her younger yea...

HHS honors two student athletes as they sign their National Letters of Intent

Dubem Anikamadu and Tiffany Giese posing together for pictures after signing. (E. Kindl)

Emily Kindl

November 15, 2017

On Nov. 14, proud family members, friends, coaches, teachers, and administrators were in the passive commons anticipating the signing of two beloved HHS students who were sitting before a Red Raiders backdrop. These two students were to sign their National Letters of Intent to their chosen colleges. Se...

Humans of Huntley | Elizabeth Kim

(Courtesy of Elizabeth Kim.)

Emily Kindl

November 8, 2017

This is sophomore Elizabeth Kim. Inside this girl is a big, fun-loving heart…and she lives every single day remaining positive, caring, energetic, and hard-working. Her personality radiates into the hearts of others, “waking them up” when she talks with them. Kim’s favorite colors are pink,...

Huntley boys soccer hold heads high despite disappointing end to season

(Photo courtesy of Madison Kerley.)

Emily Kindl

October 26, 2017

hatever the condition - with the sun beating down so hard that sweat begins formulating even before a game, or precipitation so slick that the ball seems to move with the rain rather than from the feet of the players - the varsity boys soccer team gave their greatest efforts this season, although it c...

Humans of Huntley | Sal Sciascia

(E. Kindl)

Emily Kindl

October 15, 2017

This is senior Sal Sciascia. He lives and breathes as an outgoing, friendly, and open person. Sciascia loves to skateboard and believes that it helps calm him, overall contributing to the laid-back aspect of his character. His friends are a deep part of who he is and mean everything to him next t...

It’s that time of year: Huntley’s 12th annual Fall Fest

Some of the most popular rides at the festival.

Emily Kindl

September 23, 2017

Friday, Sept. 22, marks the first day of fall. Although the hot and humid weather lately has contradicted that, the Huntley Fall Fest truly gave everyone the flawless autumn feel as they started off the new season right. This year’s 12th annual Huntley Fall Fest, located at Deicke Park, began Thursday,...

Emily Kindl