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400 meter relay runner, Braylon Bower, begins his leg of the race by recieving the teams baton and sprinting down the lane, holding a strong and consistent pace.

New season, new records

Huntley boys track and field have a successful night despite not winning the meet overall
By Daniel Przybylko
February 26, 2024

RUNNERS ON YOUR MARK. SET. BANG. The firing shot goes off and eight sprinters bolt off their line, propelling themselves as quickly as their legs...

Alex and Dominique Johnson pose for a photo before practice.

Sisters by chance, teammates by choice!

Sisters Alex and Dominique Johnson create a teammate bond through sports
By Hailee McQueen
April 26, 2022

Living in the South, track and field quickly became a part of the Johnson sisters’ lives. Junior Alex Johnson and freshman Dominique Johnson have been...

Athletes Take Aim at Trump

By Austin Stadie
September 26, 2017

Early Saturday morning, before many of us had gotten up, President Trump withdrew his White House invitation to the Warriors in response to comments...

Bobsledding at the Winter Olympics (Courtesy of MCT Campus)

Olympics for the win

By Adam Reckamp
February 27, 2014
During the summer of 2012 in London, England, more than 10,000 of the worlds best athletes from 204 different nations gathered together to compete at the worlds stage, the Olympics.
K. Gallegos

Con: Smiling is not a sport

By Trisha Fritz
November 26, 2013

Cheerleading should make people scared. Not because you saw a routine or tumbling pass that was really good at the pep rally, but because people are...

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