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The story behind the seeds

One out of many seedlings in the Tower Gardens. (Image credit: Raider Nation News.)

Emily Kindl

January 31, 2018

On Thursday, Jan. 18, as students passed or walked through the cafeteria, their peripheral vision caught a glimpse of bright fluorescent lighting in the left corner of the space. When their curious minds searched for the source of light, their eyes laid on three peculiar looking towers with the fluores...

The Prairie Ridge Wolves Manage a Win Against the Red Raiders

(E. Kindl)

Emily Kindl

January 24, 2018

n Jan. 23 at 7 p.m., Huntley’s varsity boys basketball team faced the Prairie Ridge Wolves in the East Gym. From the start, the energy coming from both sets of bleachers maintained a tangibility. The support from Huntley and Prairie Ridge was well balanced, and almost promised for a close and tough gam...

Humans of Huntley | Brad Walker

(E. Kindl)

Emily Kindl

January 23, 2018

This is freshman Brad Walker. While many upperclassmen may view freshmen as quiet and timid, several assert that Walker is a loud and confident person while he also likes keeping to himself. People also love his humor. He loves making people laugh, and it brightens his day when he is able to brigh...

Troye Sivan slays streamers with “My, My, My”

Courtesy of

Sarah Biernat

January 18, 2018

From YouTube star to EDM God, Aussie Troye Sivan has made a name for himself in Hollywood. The growth of his success since his debut EP “TRXYE” has been exponential, and as an artist, the innocence Sivan had that brought himself a young audience on YouTube has diminished almost completely. The tran...

Singles that’ll Single-handily Change Pop Tunes

Singles that'll Single-handily Change Pop Tunes

Sarah Biernat

January 16, 2018

The creative visions of music have gone downhill. Record labels are the epitome of the industry’s major problems, and quite frankly, there doesn’t seem to be much hope for the near future (excluding Adele because she’s an angel). Above is how I’ve felt for the last few years. While the indus...

Luke Bryan’s “What Makes You Country” is a perfect example of a “stadium country” album

Courtesy of:

Maggie McGee

December 25, 2017

n Dec. 8, country super-star, Luke Bryan, released his first album of 2017 titled, “What Makes You Country.” The album follows the release of “Light It Up,” which has been the lead single of the long-awaited album and a radio hit all summer long. The album, which contains 15 tracks, has a vari...

A letter to the readers… | Cindy Jimenez

(Photo credit: Hayley Orellana.)

Emily Kindl

December 15, 2017

’m the type of person that gives people advice but is never for following their own advice. I know a lot of people are like that, but for me it’s different; I just don’t take advice in general. I would’ve loved to plan for my future and maybe things wouldn’t have ended the way they are now. ...

A spectacular night of “One Acts”

A spectacular night of

Emma Kubelka

December 13, 2017

Christmas lights dully lit the choir room the evenings of Friday, Dec. 8 and Saturday, Dec. 9. Soft music quietly played in the background, but was soon drowned out by laughter or passionate dialogues. With each act, the audience was emotionally involved. For the past three weeks, freshmen and sophom...

Humans of Huntley | Madison Overly

(Photo courtesy of M. Overly.)

Emily Kindl

December 9, 2017

This is junior Madison Overly. She was born in Washington State. She also made a life in Arizona, in Michigan for four years up until first grade, and finally, in Huntley, Illinois. Her entire being as a vivacious soul and an avid jokester was not spoiled by her several moves in her younger yea...

Senior Alaina Moran dances through her last year in Orchesis

Moran (right) practicing with her teammate, Saucedo (left).

Sarah Biernat

December 1, 2017

nxious freshman Alaina Moran stepped onto the floor to audition for her spot on Huntley's varsity Orchesis team. As self-doubt engulfed her, it was soon eliminated by the kindness of her soon-to-be teammates. Four years later, she is now concluding her time with the team. Jump to the 2017-2018 sc...

Dr. John Burkey resigns as District 158 Superintendent after 11 years of service

Dr. John Burkey resigns as District 158 Superintendent after 11 years of service

Maggie McGee

November 24, 2017

n Nov. 18, a statement was released to District 158 families stating that Superintendent Dr. John Burkey, who has been in the district since 2006, is resigning effective Jan. 31, 2018. According to the statement, Burkey is stepping down to take a position as executive director of the Large Unit District Association (LUDA).  LUDA supports the 53 largest unit scho...

Buddies Club celebrates with Thanksgiving themed social

Members of the Buddies Club at the Thanksgiving social. Photo courtesy of Miriam Selimi.


November 21, 2017

n Wednesday Nov. 15, about 40 Huntley High School students gather in the passive commons to participate in a Buddies Club Social. The students bowl, make crafts, eat chocolate covered pretzels, and play Uno. Grace Kalischefski, Penelope Reyes, and Sammy Martell, three sophomores who are part of Bu...