The Voice

Half A World Away

Senior Sofia Premoli enjoying her time in America.

Camille Paddock

September 23, 2015

A mix of emotions flood through her. Anxious, excited, scared. Traveling to a foreign country is not something new to senior Sofia Premoli, but being alone is. “I wanted to see something different, to see how life is away from Italy,” said Premoli. Since school in Italy is so different from...

Hitting Every Note

Courtesy of Natalie

Palak Patel

May 28, 2015

ophomore Natalie Trzeciak sits, perched on the edge of her seat, her hands drumming an impossible rhythm. She can feel her hands getting clammy. She hates that. It makes the bow harder to hold and it makes her posture poorer. Her name is called and she stands, alone, and marches onto the stage wi...

Becoming Her Own Character

Courtesy of Jenna Body

Danielle Katz

May 27, 2015

he stressful auditions. The restless practices. The blinding stage lights. The adrenaline of all eyes focused on one point of the stage. Sophomore Jenna Boyd loves every feeling that encompasses being a part of the theatre. “I really like getting into character and pretending to be someone el...

Love Birds

Audrey and Cameron in the library at Huntley High School.

Mawa Iqbal

May 10, 2015

he sun was starting to dip below Crystal Lake, painting the sky different hues of warm pinks and oranges. There was a warm breeze blowing through her dark curls, and romance was definitely in the air. The Homecoming dance was just around the corner, and sophomore Cameron Nachreiner led junior Audrey De...

Gaming Fanatic

Courtesy of Crespo.

Camille Paddock

May 7, 2015

5 a.m. She plays. She watches. A small blue light illuminates the dark room. She’s focused, not taking her eyes off the screen even for just a second. Her fingers move methodically, quickly prancing over the controls. She never glances down. As sophomore Catlyn Crespo plays her favorite...

Always Swinging

Gillian Young at a golf tounamnet (courtesy of Young).

Trisha Fritz

April 27, 2015

ddress your body; your feet, knees, hips, forearms, shoulders and eyes should be parallel to the target line. When viewed from behind, the golfer, if right-handed, should appear slightly left of the target. But for senior Gillian Young, it comes natural when she steps on the grass. “I started go...

Head of Security

Head of Security

Haylie Larson

April 27, 2015

ive long years ago, a young man was the supervisor of a painting crew. Little did he know, a single dean believed he could be the head of security. Soon, that’s what he became. Five days a week, Monday through Friday, from 6:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Joel Bosman patrols the halls of Huntley High Sc...

Everyday’s a Party When You’re Darby

Darby Terry sitting in Mr. Aney's classroom.

Tess Miller

April 13, 2015

s Darby Terry sits in Brad Aney’s class, she shoots up her hand like rocket to state her opinion on a subject that is being discussed. Darby is known to be an opinionated and passionate person. After she states her opinion on a subject, the class usually laughs due to her passion and fury when sh...

Taking Spanish up a Step

Amanda Robles teaching her first hour Spanish 3-10 accelerated class.

Courtney Thomas

April 1, 2015

he started as a substitute teacher at Huntley High School. Then she got hired as a teacher. She has taught spanish two and three for years now. But this year is different. Amanda Robles, one of the many spanish teachers at HHS, has been challenged this school year by teaching her first ac...

A New Chapter

Andrea Cruz on the left, Sukaina Sajanlal, a lcose friend of Cruz, on the right (Courtesy of Cruz).

Palak Patel

March 29, 2015

nce upon a time, sophomore Andrea Cruz wrote five pages in about four hours. In one night, with the moon as her only company, she forced her fingers to hit the keyboard in rapid succession. The only sounds in her room past midnight were the soft humming of her computer and the occasional sharp so...

Skating Through Ice

An Nguyen performing a layback spin at the Crystal Ice House (Courtesy of Nguyen0.

Samantha Reyes

March 8, 2015

he cold hits her first. As soon as she opens the doors to step onto the floor, she feels it.  She hates the cold, but she loves the sport. Sophomore An Nguyen began figure skating at the age of 10, when her parents noticed her admiration for the grace of the figure skaters she watched on television.  ...

A Tough Choice

Justus Wood- far left 
Parzygnat -middle  (Courtesy of Parzygnat).

Trisha Fritz

March 5, 2015

t 15 years old you should be thinking about starting high school and what you are going to do later that day with your friends. But for junior Edward Parzygnat this was not the case. It all started in October of freshman year for Parzygnat during a football game against Cary Grove. When there was a ...